Birth of a Historic District

Here’s an interesting article from on how Pomeroy’s downtown became historic.


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Viewing the Hotel Revere through time

from 1882


Drawing from “Historic Sketches of Walla Walla, Whitman, Columbia and Garfield Counties, Washington Territory, and Umatilla County, Oregon” Frank Gilbert, Portland, 1882.

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Frescos on the Palouse?

When you think of the Palouse, you think of rolling hills, waving fields of grain, maybe even Washington State University. Continue reading

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Harry St. George

Henry St. George, Assistant Postmaster at Pomeroy, Washington, was born in New York in 1851. His father, Henry St. George, was an English merchant; his mother was Henrietta St. George. Fifth in a family of eight children, young St. George was educated in the public schools of his native city, graduating from the high school in 1809. On the completion of his studies he removed to Indiana and became a clerk for his uncle at Portland and at other places in that State until 1873, when he enlisted in the Regular Army, Company G, Second Regiment of Artillery, and was sent to Mobile, Ala. Continue reading

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A Short History of the Hotel Revere

The original Buster House Restaurant in the Hotel Revere was named in honor of Eugene “Buster” Pomeroy, son of Edward and Mary Pomeroy and Grandson of Joseph and Martha Pomeroy. Below is a picture of him at about age six.


The Buster House Restaurant is located in the Historic Hotel Revere. The Hotel Revere Building was built by Mrs. Martha Pomeroy St. George. Martha began her business as a stage stop just out side of present day Dayton, Washington Territory. When she and her husband Joseph moved to the area that is now Pomeroy she began offering overnight accommodations to the stage coach passengers and men traveling to the Idaho Gold Mines in addition to the meals. Initial accommodations were dormitory style bunk house rooms in a cabin that Joseph built. Continue reading

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An Anniversary

August 21, 2017, is the 14th Anniversary of Pomeroy’s Downtown being placed on the National and State Historic Registers.

It’s actually supposed to be Pomeroy Downtown Historic District, but who’s going to quibble about little details like that. Thank you Beverly, Michael, and Sally. Continue reading

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R.I.P. Sally Donovan

While one of the reasons that the Hotel Revere is historic is because it’s old, the main reason is because we’re part of the Pomeroy Downtown National Historic District. We were officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 21, 2003. It was due to the research and effort of Sally Donovan of Donovan and Associates of Hood River, Oregon, that our nomination was accepted and that we became truly historic.

It was quite a shock, when doing some online research on Garfield County in August, 2017, to find that Sally had died in November, 2016, of pancreatic cancer. Though belated, our prayers are with her husband Bruce and their families.

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Who owned this old hotel?

An advertisement from a June, 1919, issue of The East Washingtonian said that The Revere Hotel was “Under New Manageneut”  and showed O. L. Babcock as the Prop. I haven’t found earlier advertisements listing Mr. Babcock, so I guess that it all depends on the meaning of the  word “new.” The misspelling of Management was in all the advertisements I’ve seen.


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Teddy Roosevelt Slept Here

On one of his hunting trips after he was President, Teddy Roosevelt came way out west. West to Pomeroy and the Hotel Revere. We’ve named one of our Suites after this hunting and fishing President. Located on the 3rd floor, just down the hall from the elevator, the room has even been used as a Honeymoon Suite by more than one lucky couple. Continue reading

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The Floors

The third floor has a living area at the north end with a beautiful, well-lit Living Room and Dining Room overlooking Main Street. These two rooms have 7 of the 8′ tall 3′ wide windows. The living area includes a galley kitchen, bath with shower, closet with additional storage and a bedroom. Continue reading

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